Performing magic at Weddings is one of my favourite places to perform, even more so when you're friends with the Bride and Groom and even some of the guests! We all know each other from a gaming background, playing computer games and attending events around the UK based around games! - The wedding was full of people who loves to play games, including myself (The wedding cake was even based around Mario!).

Jen and Martyns Wedding Day
Magic at a Wedding

I performed card magic for Jen and Martyn Compton on their special day and also to all of the guests at The Barns at Hunsbury Hill, in Northampton. The day and the evening was truly magical, looking at the happiness on everyone's faces before I even performed gave me a warm feeling inside to pursue and amaze them even more... And then it started! - I couldn't believe the reactions I was receiving, from laughter to true amazement, I was performing to small groups of people, which led to a full blown audience!

The feedback was brilliant, the Bride said:

"Thank you Steven Levitt. You were amazing and I highly recommend you. Thank you, and I loved that you did some magic for us too!- Jen

I also had feedback after the Wedding day:

"He was very good. I was trying to watch closely but I couldn't see how he did the tricks!" - Janice

Receiving feedback after the event is something I truly appreciate, it makes me understand that I've done a good job in making sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and had a brilliant time. That is my aim, to entertain and ensure everyone see's the magic in front of their very own eyes.

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I would like to thank Becky Brain for providing the amazing photos!