Jen and Martyn's Wedding Day


Jen and Martyn's Wedding Day

Performing magic at Weddings is one of my favourite places to perform, even more so when you're friends with the Bride and Groom and even some of the guests! We all know each other from a gaming background, playing computer games and attending events around the UK based around games! - The wedding was full of people who loves to play games, including myself (The wedding cake was even based around Mario!).

Jen and Martyns Wedding Day
Magic at a Wedding

I performed card magic for Jen and Martyn Compton on their special day and also to all of the guests at The Barns at Hunsbury Hill, in Northampton. The day and the evening was truly magical, looking at the happiness on everyone's faces before I even performed gave me a warm feeling inside to pursue and amaze them even more... And then it started! - I couldn't believe the reactions I was receiving, from laughter to true amazement, I was performing to small groups of people, which led to a full blown audience!

The feedback was brilliant, the Bride said:

"Thank you Steven Levitt. You were amazing and I highly recommend you. Thank you, and I loved that you did some magic for us too!- Jen

I also had feedback after the Wedding day:

"He was very good. I was trying to watch closely but I couldn't see how he did the tricks!" - Janice

Receiving feedback after the event is something I truly appreciate, it makes me understand that I've done a good job in making sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and had a brilliant time. That is my aim, to entertain and ensure everyone see's the magic in front of their very own eyes.

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I would like to thank Becky Brain for providing the amazing photos!



Magic in Venice and Rome


Magic in Venice and Rome

I visited Venice and Rome and I wanted to find a magic shop. I've never been to a magic shop in Italy before and I managed to find two, one in Venice and one in Rome!

The first magic shop I visited was in Venice called Mistero e Magia, it was a tiny little magic shop hidden down one of the side streets, and I was greeted by a man named Alberto who kindly asked what I was looking for, I mentioned that I was a magician and he asked me to show him some magic, so I did and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

Mistero e Magia Venezia

I signed his guestbook as he collects messages from all magicians who visit his shop from around the world. - The shop from what you could see was aimed towards newcomers, so there were a lot of magic tricks there for children to start and learn magic, but hidden away there were some secrets which were available for the professional magician.

If you happen to be in Venice, and want to learn or see some magic, I would highly recommend popping in to Mistero e Magia and have a gander!

Eclectica Rome

The next stop was Rome, and I was in the heart of Rome visiting the oldest magic shop in Italy called Eclectica, this shop was much bigger as it was not only a magic shop, but it had a lot of antiques and collectibles. As you walk through to the end of the shop there is a man behind a table demonstrating magic tricks, and the skill level of the magic he was show was extremely high. He was amazing everyone and the shop was busier due to being a few meters away from the famous Trevi Fountain. 

Eclectica Magic Shop

With this magic shop being slightly larger than the last, I browsed the magic shop and took a look at the limited edition playing cards that he had to offer.

Both magic shops were great and I would recommend visiting them both, I had a good time visiting them for a short while and I am sure you will too!


I went to a photo studio!


I went to a photo studio!

I wanted some promotional photos taken of me playing with magic, so I recently went to a photo studio in Birmingham, it is my friend's studio who does photography and videography, you can see Ben's work here: Two Thirds Media.

Fire Magic

Ben gave excellent service and is brilliant to work with, also his skills in this field is absolutely barnstorming! Below you will be able to see the gallery, but first I wanted to show you a before and after shot of me playing with fire, here it is... The result isn't bad huh!?

Not only did I play with fire, but I also played with my pack of cards, and I am really happy with the results Ben has done for me. If you need studio photos, or a videographer for an event, then do consider Ben as he is the best in the field I know!

I hope you enjoy the gallery as much as I do!


I performed magic to the Lord Mayor


I performed magic to the Lord Mayor

On the 30th of March I attended the Business Awards 2017 that was held by The Sentinel a local regional newspaper that covers across Staffordshire and Cheshire.

I attended the awards to represent Overclockers UK, my company were nominated into the finals for the 'Business of the Year' category and were the runner-up out of hundreds of thousands of businesses across the two regions!

Magic at the Business Awards

It was great to see so many great local companies in the one room that managed to get through to the finals of 10 different categories. 

As this was an event to celebrate, I performed magic to some the guests, including the Lord Mayor for Stoke-on-Trent, Anthony Munday!

mayor of stoke on trent

The reactions from the Lord Mayor and his wife Paula was just speechless, they both paused and did not say a lot due to the amazement and then shook my hand and thanked me for the performance.

I really enjoyed the awards night, and I hope that the guests who I performed magic to as a complete surprise thoroughly enjoyed it too! Also, a special thanks to Leanne Bagnall for taking these photos from the night, Leanne was excellent at capturing the magic!

magic at the sentinel awards

Roll on next year, I am looking forward to it, even though this one has only just finished!


How did you get into magic?


How did you get into magic?

I am frequently asked how I got into performing magic, as it’s not exactly a common hobby or career choice!

I first became interested in magic at the age of 9 in 1997 – unsurprisingly, while watching a magician who deceived, educated and entertained me all at once at a magic stall in Milton Keynes. I was so enthused that my dad bought me a box of tricks, and then my mum noticed that I was taking it seriously – to the point where I’d wake her up at five in the morning to show her a new trick – so she introduced me to a local magic convention. I kept practising, and then joined the Young Magicians Club and the Northampton Magic Club a year later.

I don’t remember much from those early years, but I do remember my Houdini Magic Set – and I still remember some of those tricks. They were basic, but I was fascinated by how magic manipulates people into believing – and questioning what’s real and what isn’t.

When I was 12. I was introduced to a man at the Northampton Magic Club named Matthew Garrett. He pushed me further, from the basic tricks to full blown effects, and he taught me about the performance aspect of magic, too – which is just as important as the tricks themselves.

By 13 I was striving to be the best magician in the UK, so I entered the Young Magician of the Year at The Magic Circle. I qualified for the final of the biggest competition I’d ever entered, and also the biggest magic competition in Europe but unfortunately my nan passed away a week before the final – performing was understandably hard, and I broke down on stage during rehearsals.

The rest of my family travelled to watch me perform, but I had given up. My mum gave me the courage to give it my best for my nan, so I performed. I qualified through several stages in the finals and finished in fourth place.

To the side is an old video of me performing for the local news channel in Buckinghamshire, which was when I was practicing for Young Magician of the Year.

By 2005 I’d won many competitions and awards and had been seen on TV. I was in a pilot for Thames Television at the age of 15 performing magic with Stephen Mulhern for a programme called Wannabe Wizards. I also performed at the Open University for the Citizen Business Awards, Debenhams in Banbury, and had a long contract with the Hilton Hotel in Watford. This all happened before I was even 16. Magic!

I wanted to leave school and become a professional magician, so I did work experience for an entertainment agency named Magical Mayhems in Olney. I learnt about marketing, organisation, and the business side of the industry from a man named David Pibworth. The work experience placement originally called for basic business admin, but David soon learned that I was a magician – so he let me get hands-on to help set up staging, lighting and more... I loved it. 

Moving from school to Sixth Form, I studied a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts and was awarded with three triple merits, and Stantonbury Campus said that our group were the “Highest achievers in the BTEC National Diploma that Stantonbury has ever experienced” – Stantonbury Campus.

After Sixth Form I moved to Staffordshire University, where I studied Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts. I didn’t entirely plan this move, but it gave me confidence, teamwork skills and more education about the entertainment industry. I still aim to be a professional magician, and I’m trying to turn this dream into a reality.

When practicing I become enthralled with fire magic – and I had access to lighter fluid, flash paper, and other flammable products. I thought it would be a great idea to fill a shot glass with all of those things and set it alight in the living room. The ball of fire flew upwards and left a black mark on the ceiling just as my mum walked in. She wasn’t impressed.

Still, I kept trying new things. I made my own props, kept practicing in the living room, and added more to my on-stage props and routines – wheels for easy movement, better lighting, improved curtains, slicker designs.

Paul Daniels has always been an idol, not just as a magician, but also as an entertainer. I've had the pleasure of meeting Paul, and he was the most heart-warming and inspirational man – a person who has entertained millions of people across multiple generations.

I met Paul at a magic convention in Milton Keynes, and I don’t remember any of the magic tricks that he taught me. But I do remember that he told me to believe in the magic that I was performing – and that’s one of the best magic tricks you can ever learn.

All of this was just the beginning – I’m now a professional magician who performs at weddings, parties and corporate events.