This was a truly magical day, it was the first time that I've ever performed at One Great George Street in London, near Big Ben! I performed magic for the lovely Reena and Nil at their wedding reception. 

There were a lot of guests and I was determined to make sure everyone that was in the rooms got to experience the magic, and it was a success, so many adults and children at the wedding were thoroughly entertained and were also left amazed!

Amazing Magician Stoke on Trent

Whilst the guests were waiting in the grand reception rooms I walked around to the groups to ensure they all smiled and were left there wanting to see more magic. From fire magic, to levitation to misdirection, I was sure that everyone were watching something that they have never experienced before! 

Thanks again for making the wedding so magical!
— Reena
Magic at Nil's and Reena's Wedding
Thank you again for entertaining our guests, everyone enjoyed it thoroughly :)
— Nil

I spent two hours going from room to room, performing walk around magic. Even the photographers were wanting to capture the magic and I think they did it well! - Thank you Reena and Nil for having me at your special day!

Magician in Staffordshire