Due to the recent news yesterday, I wanted to write a blog post about Paul Daniels. The magician has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, an incurable brain tumour, this was announced by his family yesterday afternoon.

Paul Daniels has always been an idol of mine, not just as a magician with the great effects that he performed, but also as an entertainer. I've had the pleasure of meeting Paul Daniels, and he is the most heart warming, inspirational, and incredible man. He has entertained millions of people throughout a vast range of generations. No one can disagree that Paul Daniels was a incredible and humorous entertainer.

This Chop Cup routine from Paul Daniels is brilliantly entertaining and no doubt one, if not the very best Chop Cup routine, it is definitely the best performed routine that I've ever seen. This is the first magic effect that comes to my mind when I think of this man.

When performing magic myself, the most common question is "Are you the next Paul Daniels?". 

Many magicians around the world today share their thoughts, and sends love to Paul and his family. He changed the world of magic, by bringing it onto TV, and influencing many other great magicians today.

Thinking of Paul Daniels today - a true great in our art. Although his health is unstable, his stature and influence on the art of magic could not be stronger. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.
— David Copperfield

When meeting Paul Daniels, it was at a magic convention in Milton Keynes, and to this day I do not remember any magic tricks that he taught me. But, there is one thing he taught me, and that was believing in the magic you are performing. This advice is one of the best magic tricks you could ever learn.

So, the answer to the question, "Are you the next Paul Daniels?", simply the answer is no. Paul Daniels has done far too much, he has revolutionised the whole community of magic, he is irreplaceable.

Thank you for everything Paul. Sending love to you and your family. xxx