I was invited to a private party, it was the two year celebration party for the Sidemen (SDMN). The Sidemen are a collection of YouTubers, and their full-time job is to create content on YouTube; from videos that are entertaining and related to gaming, to completely random videos.

The Sidemen  includes KSIOlajidebt (KSI), Behzinga, Wroetoshaw, Zerkaa, Miniminter, Tbjzl, and Vikkstar123. Not only was I invited to party, but I was also hired to perform magic for them and the guests at their private event.

The party was held at the Arsenal's football ground in the Emirates Stadium. I performed walkabout magic,  leaving a lot of people there amazed! - I even had people screaming at me, not because I hurt them, they were screaming in more of a rockstar kind of way!

With #SIDEMEN2YEARS trending on Twitter and over all social media platforms, the party really went off in a bang! It was clear that everyone at the party enjoyed it, and especially the magic!