I headed to the Winter Gardens on Saturday morning, ready and excited to be a part of the largest magic festival in the world!

I had no idea what to expect, but with almost 4000 magicians in the same building, I instantly felt at home. Over 130 magic dealers, selling everything related to magic from props to large illusions. It was great to be displayed with many magicians all performing incredible magic on the dealers stands, in the lectures, during the day shows and also in the streets!

There was so much to do during the day, having met Dynamo, Sooty, and other world famous magicians, the time flew by leading to the 3 hour gala show in the evening that included world class magicians from all around the world.

I was absolutely fascinated with the level of skill, not only in the magic they were performing but also the way it was presented to the audience. Performing magic with hundreds of magicians in front of you watching, it must have been nerve-racking for them, however every performer was absolutely fantastic (so they should be)! The acts that stood out for me on the Saturday and the Sunday were Natalie and Eli, Katrin Weissensee, Lara Jacobs Rigolo, Cubic, Mel Mellers, Do Ki Moon, Hyun Cheol Yong, Duo Magic and Magus Utopia. There are many more names that could be mentioned but these were the ones that stood out for me!

I am ready to book my tickets for next year!

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