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Magic in Venice and Rome

Jul 15, 2017

I visited Venice and Rome and I wanted to find a magic shop. I’ve never been to a magic shop in Italy before and I managed to find two, one in Venice and one in Rome!

The first magic shop I visited was in Venice called Mistero e Magia, it was a tiny little magic shop hidden down one of the side streets, and I was greeted by a man named Alberto who kindly asked what I was looking for, I mentioned that I was a magician and he asked me to show him some magic, so I did and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

I signed his guestbook as he collects messages from all magicians who visit his shop from around the world. – The shop from what you could see was aimed towards newcomers, so there were a lot of magic tricks there for children to start and learn magic, but hidden away there were some secrets which were available for the professional magician.

If you happen to be in Venice, and want to learn or see some magic, I would highly recommend popping in to Mistero e Magia and have a gander!

The next stop was Rome, and I was in the heart of Rome visiting the oldest magic shop in Italy called Eclectica, this shop was much bigger as it was not only a magic shop, but it had a lot of antiques and collectibles. As you walk through to the end of the shop there is a man behind a table demonstrating magic tricks, and the skill level of the magic he was show was extremely high. He was amazing everyone and the shop was busier due to being a few meters away from the famous Trevi Fountain. 

With this magic shop being slightly larger than the last, I browsed the magic shop and took a look at the limited edition playing cards that he had to offer.

Both magic shops were great and I would recommend visiting them both, I had a good time visiting them for a short while and I am sure you will too!

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