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Magic at the Sky Bar

Dec 18, 2016

The Sky Bar is located in Birmingham at Resorts World, on the 5th Floor right by the NEC. It is an extremely lovely place that is right next to the Genting Casino.

I performed magic at an Exhibitors After Party, which was from the Insomnia Gaming Festival, the largest gaming festival of it’s kind in the UK. There were lots of gaming and computer related exhibitors there from the likes of Razer, Overclockers UK, G2A.

Not only were there gaming companies, but there were some great people there, especially the Twitch streamers and the YouTubers, I came across ValkiaArtyfakesONSCREENlol and so many others!

“Oh my god you’re a wizard Steven!!! ^_^ It was great to meet you too, fingers crossed we’ll catch each other at an event soon!” — Tabitha, Artyfakes

I’d like to say thank you to James Lawson for taking these photos, and I really hope you managed to catch some of the magic and enjoyed it too. I am looking forward to the next Insomnia Gaming Festival!

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