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Entertaining at Tomorrow’s Office

Feb 25, 2016

I performed some table magic at the Britannia Stadium, the home of Stoke City football club. There was a local business event taking place called Tomorrow’s Office, that was run by Overclockers UK

This event was a technology event, Overclockers UK invited all of the local businesses from the surrounding areas of Stoke-on-Trent, to educate them on how technology can improve work efficiency and save costs improving their business.

The event was a success, businesses across the whole of Staffordshire were entertained with magic. I walked around the tables during lunch and entertained the crowds, the response was fantastic with great reactions from the audiences.

Overclockers UK handed out a short survey about the event for the guests to give their honest opinions on the event and how it went, many guests mentioned how they thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining magic and they would love to come to the event again.

I have some more bookings in the pipeline this year. I am collecting photos and videos from these events, and will be posting on my Blog frequently. Keep watching this space!

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